I am an author-illustrator with a love for authentic, engaging illustrations that tug at the heart strings and take you on a journey. Growing up, my favourite illustrators were E.H.Shepard, Bill Watterson, Murray Ball and Quentin Blake and they have been major influences on my style and my love of art! 
I am currently a teacher and have always loved working with children, and I am very lucky to have a beautiful, supportive wife who puts up with my constant ink stains, watercolour drips and masses of paintings! My favourite way to spend a weekend, other than painting and writing, is a lovely walk in the countryside with my three dogs, Lily, Tuffy and Dylan.
My dream is to create classic picture books that stay with you forever and that you will love to pick up, no matter how old you are. I write about feelings and real life, but use imaginative scenarios to make the stories come alive. 
I am currently seeking representation and would love to hear from you, even if it's just to talk about art and stories! Use my contact page to send me a message. 
Thanks for reading!
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